SiT #16 – 7 inch Tablet Wars

Speaking in Tech #16: 7 inch Tablet Wars?
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Speaking in tech is hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela.

Greg loses faith in social media

  • The Big Twitter Purge
  • The gang play “Which Twitter creeper has a real job” game
  • Greg and Marc Farley experiment with Google hangouts
  • Public Google hangouts are a nightmare.
  • Out of 44 people who jumped in (and most getting bounced out), we found one networking geek in the Czech Republic so we decided to start over and we had a good convo about the Mini iPad vs Nexus 7

7 inch Tablet Wars: Apple vs. Google vs Amazon

  • Enterprise BYOD will be all about 7in, wifi tablets in a year
  • WiFi only will be a security problem
  • 7 inch is a better form factor
  • Android security is getting better
  • Is tere really a BYOD problem?
  • Tablets in business meetings
  • Real world BYOD problems

Cisco routers managed by the could… and really bad cororate lawyer writing horrible terms of service