“Where Enterprise Tech meets Consumer Tech…”

Speaking in Tech is a tech podcast hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Topics include enterprise tech, consumer tech and anything else interesting in the tech world. The podcast is distributed every week on iTunes and every Wednesday in Europe’s largest tech publication, The Register.

Greg Knieriemen      Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn
Greg is the Hitachi Data Systems Technology Evangelist and helps drive and communicate the vision and application of Hitachi Data Systems technology through various channels. For 12 years, Greg was the Vice President of Marketing and Chief Technology Evangelist for Chi Corporation, a national integrator of Storage, Virtualization and Networking solutions. Greg has over 15 years experience using, deploying and marketing enterprise technology infrastructure and application solutions. “Speaking in Tech” is his third podcast.

Ed Saipetch               Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn
Ed Saipetch has spent over 15 years in strategic roles at start-ups, vendors and enterprises.  He is a passionate technologist focused on topics ranging from IT transformation to web app scalability and infrastructure architecture.  Additionally he co-hosts the Speaking In Tech podcast and participates on panels at conferences focused on cloud and IT transformation.  Currently he is Director of Applied Research at Savvis where he is responsible for customer experience and its intersection with product.  Prior to that he was Director of Alliances and Channels at Inktank which developed the open-source scale-out storage technology, Ceph.  In other roles at Joyent and EMC, he focused on public, private and hybrid cloud in the Enterprise and Service Provider spaces.
Sarah Vela                 Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn
Sarah is a long-time content strategist and social media professional, now working for Dell in the Server Solutions group. She originally hails from New York City, but has made Austin, Texas her home for the past 10 years. She has five kids, a dog, a cat, and in her spare time she occasionally sleeps. Her online handle is @orchid8.




Disclosure Statement: Speaking in Tech does not receive support directly or indirectly from vendors or guests and vendor relationships are disclosed on the podcast. Hosts of the podcast do occasionally accept opportunities from vendors to cover special events and vendor announcements where travel, lodging  and meals are typically covered and  is clearly disclosed on the podcast.

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