Carter George, Executive Director of Strategy, Dell

Speaking in Tech’s Ed Saipetch talks with Carter George, Executive Director of Strategy for Dell Storage. George was a co-founder of Ocarina which was acquired by Dell in 2010. Prior to Ocarina, George was VP and co-founder of PolyServe. He drove key elements that led to the sale of PolyServe to Hewlett-Packard. In addition to leading product strategy, he defined the product roadmap and early release schedules, as well as helping close customers and raise funding. George played many roles including VP of Business Development where he closed several OEM deals with HP and Novell. He was also the VP and GM of Polyserve’s scalable fault tolerant NAS storage division and was responsible for finding paths to market, managing OEMs, marketing ecosystem partnerships, and the P&L for the business.

Prior to PolyServe, George was the Chief Enterprise Architect for Sequent Computer and led a team focused on large deals in major accounts. He also ran Professional Services for Sequent and rapidly grew their consulting business from scratch to $100M. George also ran M&A for Sequent and orchestrated several strategic deals with Dell, IBM and others prior to the acquisition of Sequent by IBM for close to $1 billion.

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