Sorry Oracle, Xsigo IS NOT Software Defined Networking

In Oracle’s flashy press release this morning announcing they had just acquired Xsigo, the headline reads “Oracle Buys Xsigo – Extends Oracle’s Virtualization Capabilities with Leading Software-Defined Networking Technology for Cloud Environments”. Since VMware bought Nicira last week for over a billion dollars, Software Defined Networking (or SDN) is now the hot enterprise tech buzz phrase and the Oracle PR machine wasn’t going to be left behind.

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Join us at VMworld Aug 26-30!

We’ll be recording a special Speaking in Tech podcast live from VMworld In San Francisco courtesy of HP. Be sure to follow Speaking in Tech on Twitter for updates and schedule information.

As always, Ed will be available to sign body parts.

For details on the conference and to register, please visit:

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VMware’s Post-PC World

On the podcast last week we talked with VMware’s John Mark Troyer about VMware View 5.1 but we really only scratched the surface. While this video is a commercial for VMware, it cleanly describes the capabilities for VMware’s post-PC world. VMware’s End-User Computing Platform will transform the way many of us use technology.

Join us at the Dell Storage Forum June 11 – 13 in Boston

We’ll be recording a special Speaking in Tech podcast live from the Dell Storage Forum in Boston on June 12th. Dell has set up a dedicated session called  “Speaking in Tech” with the Decision Makers at Dell Storage where attendees to the conference will be able to join and ask questions to Dell executives. This should be a lively session as we dig into the details behind the announcements Dell will be making at the Dell Storage Forum.

For details on the conference, please visit:

Click here to download the agenda and session schedule.

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G+ finally adds Hangouts On Air

Google announced today that it has finally added one of the coolest features for G+, Hangouts On Air. While you been able to hold Hangouts on your own for awhile, streaming them live was only accessible to a chosen few. Now, we can all use it.

I like the potential to use G+ Hangouts On Air for recording “Speaking in Tech” podcasts but I’m still not certain it’s a good fit… yet – there is still the challenge of pulling the audio in a good format for iTunes. We could simply record the Skype call as usual for the audio portion but that seems unnecessarily redundant. Still, I’m going to find some ways to experiment with it.