SiT #2 – Creepy apps, big data and toasty iPads

Speaking in Tech: Creepy apps, big data and toasty iPads. You can listen to the episode in iTunes or on The Register.

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Show notes for Episode 2 of Speaking in Tech:

  • Good first week, it only goes downhill from here
  • Record download week when compared to the old podcast
  • Thanks to The Register

Creepy Girl-Stalking App Girls Around Me Has Been Yanked From The App Store
“Girls Around Me — the creepy geo-location app that allowed you to stalk and find personal information about girls in your neighborhood without their knowledge — has been pulled from the iOS App Store.”

Update: Girls Around Me developer i-Free has since stated that they pulled the app from the App Store of their own volition. You can read their full statement on the controversy here.

Overstated headline of the year comes from GigaOm: “Systems to handle big data might be this generation’s moon landing”

Gather the kids are the TV, were going to watch some real compute power here…” The moonlanding was an event… this “big data” project is the means to event, possibly some significant discoveries but it isn’t by itself an event on scale with the moon landing. GigaOm is great, but that’s a ridiculous headline. That aside, it’s a pretty cool story….

“An effort to build a radio telescope that can see back 13 billion years to the creation of the universe is prompting a five-year €32 million ($42.7 million) effort to create a low-power supercomputer and networks to handle the data the new radio telescope will generate. The DOME project, named for a mountain in Switzerland and the covering of a telescope, is the joint effort between IBM and the Dutch space agency ASTRON to build such a network and computer.”

From The Register: Dell buys Wyse

Apple’s IPad Is No. 1, Even With Heat, Consumer Reports Says

“The new iPad’s high-resolution screen provides the best detail and color accuracy of all tablets Consumer Reports has seen, the publication said today on its website. Consumer Reports also commended the device’s camera and faster connectivity.”

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