SiT #6 – Klouchebags

Speaking in Tech: What’s a Klouchebag, is it anything like Apple? Plus… Tax dodges, EMC World and the Oracle v Google smackdown… with special guest @Storagezilla 

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Show notes and episode details after the jump…

Apples Taxes

The New York Times explains “How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Global Taxes” –
It’s not a a European Sex Club trick: “Apple was a pioneer of an accounting technique known as the “Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich”

Google vs. Oracle:
Former Sun CEO: Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Founder: Scott McNealy and Java creator James Gosling contradict each other and demonstrate why Sun Microsystems was a disaster.

Klouchebag is the rage… this week
Klouchebag is the Anti-Klout score based on Anger, Retweet Abuse, Social Apps and English Misuse

Twitter account of the week is @PicturelessPins and the blog of the week is

“10 Big Questions” with Storagezilla