Podcast Idol


So you think you can handle the abuse and humiliation of being a podcast co-host for Speaking in Tech? Here’s your chance.

Here’s a once of a lifetime opportunity to be an overworked and underpaid co-host for the leading podcast in enterprise tech. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know you don’t need any experience or skill, just a laptop, a USB microphone and a Skype account. Did we mention there’s no pay or equity… or any compensation at all? You will simply be rewarded with┬áthe fame and glory that you’ll achieve by sharing your knowledge and wit with over 40,000 monthly listeners to the podcast.

Here’s how this works: We will select a handful of applicants to join the show as a guest co-host as a “try out” to possibly join us as a co-host. The criteria for selecting a co-host is totally random and at our own whim. We will then subject the candidates to a Twitter vote which will influence but may not determine the finalist. We may not select any of the applicants or we may accept more than one, we really don’t know… like all the planning we do with this show, we make it up as we go along.

If you still think this is something you want to try, fill out the form below. Please understand that there is no implicit or explicit assumption of privacy for anything you submit here or on the podcast. Basically, we aren’t liable for anything.

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