SiT #169 – Ludicrous


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Speaking in Tech #169 – Ludicrous

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed is back from Thailand while Sarah is out for tea. Ed and Greg discuss Thailand, OSCON, Kubernetes and OpenStack. Our special guest this week is Fred Nix from EMC.

This week we discuss…

(1:00) Ed returns from Thailand
(4:00) Live from OSCON
(4:35) HDS gear for Kubernetes
(9:05) Google jumps into OpenStack
(15:00) Tesla goes ludicrous
(17:40) FLASHBACK: GE clocks from 1955
(18:45) Special guest: Fred Nix from EMC
(21:45) Digging around OSCON
(23:40) VMworld plans
(26:10) Big personnel moves in the industry