SiT #174 – Zilla


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Speaking in Tech #174 – Zilla

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we cover Intel, more Ashley Madison fallout, Hangouts, IPO’s and more. Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey (aka Storagezilla).

Here are the details…

(1:00) Eddie line dances
(4:15) VMworld prep
(4:50) Tech Reckoning
(6:09) Intel chips in on Mirantis
(9:30) Ashley Madison, by the numbers
(14:11) Google Hangouts get a face lift
(18:36) FLASHBACK: Radio Shack 8-track tape player
(19:06) Storagezilla returns
(20:15) Looking back at Windows 95… and Minesweeper
(22:41) Searching Ashley Madison
(24:32) Intel plays defense
(30:15) Tech IPO’s get more challenges
(36:23) Big moves at VMware
(41:05) Renaming the Borg
(44:23) No big surprises at VMworld