SiT #225 – DataCenter Dude

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Speaking in Tech #225 – DataCenter Dude

This week Podcast Idol returns with Nick Howell joining Greg and Ed to host this week’s episode where the boys discuss a new browser, layoffs at Cisco and Powershelgl gets open sourced. Our special guest this week is Brian Clifton, a developer at Brave.

The details…

(0:00) Podcast Idol update
(2:53) The Nick Howell interview
(8:45) Introducing Special Guest Brian Clifton of Brave
(14:46) Brave, the secure, open source ad-blocking browser
(22:04) The moral compass when writing code
(25:20) Big layoffs at Cisco a product strategy?
(30:05) Employee pump-n-dump
(34:17) Microsoft open sources PowerShell
(37:35) Open source fixes a Microsoft engineering problem
(39:23) Financial implications for Microsoft
(40:58) Equation Group hacking
(44:09) Shadow Brokers may be an inside job