SiT #226 – Getting Things Done

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Speaking in Tech #226 – Getting Things Done

This week Greg is in Japan while Ed drives the podcast this week with Yadin Porter de Leon and his special guest, David Allen of “Getting Things Done”. This week the team talks extensively about the GTD methodology, VMworld, Uber and Amazon work hours.

The details…

(0:00) Introducing Guest co-host Yadin Porter de Leon
(3:15) Introducing special guest David Allen of Getting Things Done
(9:19) Fast growth vs personal productivity
(15:05) Software planning models
(17:01) GTD mentoring
(19:03) Getting GTD done… now with version 2
(29:22) The kind of person that picks up GTD
(35:09) Ed’s correction: NSA wasn’t hacked
(36:16) VMware: Back to the future
(39:50) Uber burning cash on-demand
(49:40) Amazon experimenting with 30 hour work weeks