SiT #230 – DevOps

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Speaking in Tech #230 – DevOps

This week, Amy stalks the show again as her and Greg discuss Allo, Cisco love, Twitter suitors and a dive into DevOps. Our Podcast Idol this week is Josh Attwell of NetApp with special guest Gene Kim, author of “The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” as well as co-founder and former CTO of Tripwire.

The details…

(0:00) Insight from Amy
(1:50) Podcast Idol: Josh Attwell
(5:37) Introducing special guest Gene Kim
(13:01) 50 Shades of DevOps
(14:09) DevOps: Not just for the unicorns
(17:15) The Bimodal Conundrum
(19:51) State of DevOps: The changing roles in IT
(24:45) Allo, the Google messaging train wreck
(32:51) Cisco hearts VCE
(36:30) Twitter: Put some ears on that bird
(38:28) Microsoft Server 2016 now with Docker and Red Hat forks around
(41:16) Azure mashes up with Adobe
(43:33) Krebs gets secured