SiT #30 – Structure Europe 2012

Speaking in Tech #30 –┬áCalling it a cloud doesn’t make it so
Software Defined Bullsh*t, cloudy judgment and more

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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Eddie is podcasting from Amsterdam for Structure Europe 2012. Our special guests this week are Derrick Harris (@DerrickHarris)- Co-chair of Structure Europe and Senior writer at GigaOm, Sam Johnston (@samj)- Director of Cloud and IT Services at Equinix, Joe Baguley (@JoeBaguley) – CTO for VMware in EMEA and Tony Lucas (@tonylucas) – Founder and SVP of Product Flexiant.

This week we discuss…

  • Structure Europe 2012
  • The momentum (or lack of) behind CloudStack and OpenStack
  • Cloud services vs products
  • C-level perception of cloud
  • Open source paranoia
  • Telcos are the worst providers of cloud service
  • The process problem
  • IT hoarders
  • Data center transition and the business value automation
  • Dynamic Ops and the future of vCloud Director
  • Software Defined Bullshit
  • Calling it a cloud doesn’t make it so