SiT #34 – The Lost Episode

Speaking in Tech #34 – The Lost Episode

You can listen to the episode from the RSS feed or iTunes (but not on The Register this week). Show notes and episode details after the jump…

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed is out on a secret mission so it’s Greg and Sarah in a duet. Due to some legal concerns, this episode didn’t make it on The Register. Although the episode was re-edited, it was too late to get distributed by The Register.

This week we discuss…

  • Eddie, the international man of mystery
  • Sarah, out next week — Santa Fe! Again!
  • Remembering Carter George, one of the good guys

It’s a week full crazy…

  • Low tech busts the top spy
  • Gmail as a cheaters tool
  • John McAfee- buff and bath salts in Belize
  • Too much money, too much free time
  • Sinofsky bolts from Microsoft
  • Future of Windows is thrown into question
  • Speculation rages that AMD may be sold or broken up
  • •Why couldn’t Apple acquire AMD?