SiT #9 – Leo Apotheker vs Meg Whitman

Our special guest this week is Christopher Lynch, a tech venture capitalist with Atlas Venture. Chris is a partner at Atlas Venture and former CEO and President of Vertica (which was sold to HP last year) and Acopia (which was sold to F5 in 2007), and has led a number of startups to big acquisitions.

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Show notes and episode details after the jump…


Reminder “Speaking in Tech” will be podcasting from the Dell Storage Forum coming up June 11 – 13 in Boston as a dedicated session at the conference grilling Dell executives in front of a live audience

Our Guest this week is Chris Lynch of Atlas Venture in Boston

  • A VC’s view of the Facebook IPO
  • Facebook’s impact on other VC’s and irrational investments
  • Jump back to Chris and his roots growing up in Boston
  • From punker to VC
  • From DEC, to Prominent, to Lucent
  • The leap to Arrowpoint and eventual $5.7 Billion acquisition by Cisco
  • As President & CEO of Acopia Networks, sold to F5 for $210M in 2007
  • As President & CEO of Vertica Systems, sold to HP last year for $320M
  • How ex-yahoo CEO Scott Thompson helped marry HP and Vertica
  • Thoughts on Leo as a leader? What did the transfer to Meg look like?
  • Now at Atlas Venture focusing on Big Data