SiT #143 – Solid Delp


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Speaking in Tech #143 – Solid Delp

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week the team is back beating up Google, David Cameron and bad passwords. Special guest Aaron Delp from SolidFire comes off of his podcast suspension to join the crew this week.

This week we discuss…

1:30 – Dumping Google Nexus
4:15 – Android Lollipop less than .1 % adoption rate
4:40 – Sarah jumps on a new iPhone
6:55 – Google takes Glass out to the wood shed
14:25 – Cameron wants to kill encryption
21:15 – Happy hackers
24:18 – Worst passwords of 2014
29:20 – Aaron Delp comes off suspension
30:40 – Training for Krispy Kreame Challenge
32:55 – SolidFire hiring everyone
41:35 – Cloudcast update
44:30 – Cloud acquisitions