SiT #145 – Drive


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Speaking in Tech #145 – Drive

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week it’s just Sarah and Greg talking about Uber and Google stepping on each other’s toes, robots learning to cook and more broadband internet access across the US. Our special guest this week is Brian Gracely, Sr. Director, Cloud and Developer Enablement at EMC to chew on the challenges of Open Source in the enterprise.

This week we discuss…

(1:00) Sarah live tweets the Super Bowl
(1:45) The worst Super Bowl commercial
(5:30) Funny Europeans tweeting about the Super Bowl
(6:42) Uber researching self driving cars
(9:25) …And now Google wants to Uber
(13:00) Robots learning to cook from YouTube
(16:30) US FCC to loosen rules for municipal broadband
(21:10) The Tandy 1000
(22:30) First computers
(23:40) Gracely goes deep on Open Source at EMC
(30:55) Open Source and the enterprise
(34:30) Docker hack days