SiT #146 – Coté


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Speaking in Tech #146 – Coté
Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Ed is replaced by Amy Lewis and joins Sarah and Greg to talk about Sling, the death of enterprise computing and Apple’s Swift programming language. Our special guest this week is Michael Coté of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

This week we discuss:
1:20 – Organizing digital photos
3:30 – Hitachi acquires Pentaho
6:05 – Sling: Internet cable TV comes to U.S.
11:50 – Adrian Cockroft: Enterprise Computing is dead
17:10 – Apple’s Swift catching fire
21:05 – The Vic 20 – “A real computer for the price of a toy”
21:35 – Special guest Michael Coté of Pivotal Cloud Foundry
23:15 – High school sweat shop programming
26:38 – Analyst work on the back end of a career
29:50 – Excel, the database for MBA’s
34:10 – The evolution of Middleware
37:20 – Unicorn and donkey theory explained
41:35 – Mayonnaise on fries