SiT #151 – Kayaking Buddies


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Speaking in Tech #151 – Kayaking Buddies

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we jump into Facebook’s posting rules, Google’s “Nearline” storage, Blackberry tablets and Gold Apple watches. Our special guest this week is tech guru Stephen Foskett from Tech Field Day.

This week we discuss…

(0:50) Ed’s backup crashes
(3:30) El Reg’s sister pub “The Platform” launches
(5:20) Kicking GigaOM some more
(6:52) Facebook: no nipples and butts
(9:25) The gray area of online rules
(13:50) Google’s “Nearline” storage
(19:55) Blackberry busts out a tablet
(24:05) Flashback: AOL commercial from 1995
(26:05) Introducing tech guru Stephen Foskett
(28:15) Fireballed with Apple Gold Watch
(30:48) Stephen’s Grail Watch
(35:45) Tech Field Day
(41:30) Qumulo comes out of stealth
(45:45) Legacy vendor transitions