SiT #156 – Hyperconverged


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Speaking in Tech #156 – Hyperconverged

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we consider a world where Google owns Tesla, hackers on a plane, GE’s new tech and innovation television show and finally we tussle on hyperconvergence with special guest, Chuck Hollis, Chief Strategist for VMware Storage.

This week we discuss…

(1:15) Eddie’s Wink home automation hub bricks
(7:05) Report: Tesla almost sold to Google to avoid bankruptcy in 2013
(13:00) Hacker gets knocked off a plane for teasing tweets
(18:30) GE planning tech TV show with Ron Howard
(22:24) Flashback: Leonard Nimoy pimps pagers
(22:55) Introducing Chuck Hollis – Chief Strategist, VMware Storage
(25:14) Hyperconverged head banging: VMware vs Nutanix
(33:00) Hyperconverged market dynamic today
(36:40) EMC World and VMworld teasers