SiT #192 – Solid Exit

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Speaking in Tech #192 – Solid Exit

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed, Sarah and Greg are all together to discuss EMC cuts, Lyft, Zuck’s reach around and SolidFire. Special guest this week is Jeramiah Dooley of SolidFire.

The details…

(1:00) Rockin the New Year
(6:43) Remembering Ian Murdock of Debian
(12:43) EMC announces cuts
(13:54) “What would Chad say?”
(16:14) Lyft snags some cash from GM
(19:37) Zuck has a plan to go around Google
(21:38) The Facebook IQ test
(23:18) Flashback: Sega Genesis Commercial “Genesis Does”
(25:10) Jeramiah Dooley of SolidFire
(26:00) SolidFire’s solid exit
(28:49) Mid-podcast hotel delivery service
(29:34) Customer questions
(32:29) Corporate culture
(34:35) Dave Cahill and Skeletons
(37:13) Riding that train…
(39:32) Not a vExpert